Lola x Jagger Spring 2013 Litter

Born: January 19, 2013

Available for adoption now: All kittens from this litter are sold.

If you are looking for a high quality ragdoll kitten, contact us and inquire about getting on our waiting list for future kittens.

We are thrilled to announce a litter of 6 beautiful bicolors born January 19th. The kittens are being well socialized in our home getting used to all of the typical sounds of an active household with 2 teenagers! Your heart will melt when you hear their little bodies making such a huge purring noise! They are greatly loved already and it will be a happy and sad day when they leave for their new homes.

The Kittens...

Floppy Kitty Peace

FloppyKitty Peace (orange collar)

Seal Bicolor

Sold to Joseph & Lisa, Portland, OR

Peace (orange collar) is a seal bicolor. She has great blue eyes and a nice conformation. She likes to play as well as cuddle. She is confident and has a very friendly and outgoing personality.

Floppy Kitty Pumbaa

FloppyKitty Pumbaa aka "Teddy" (red collar)

Seal Bicolor

Sold to Ashley & Luke H., Puyallup, WA

Pumbaa (red collar) is a seal colored bicolor and is the largest kitten of the litter. He is very cuddly but also loves to jump and play. His endearing expression always seems to say "love me!". He is a big teddy bear with a giant purr motor.

Floppy Kitty Toby

FloppyKitty Toby (blue collar)

Blue Bicolor

Sold to Marilee M., Stayton, OR

Toby (blue collar) is a blue bicolor. He loves to play, cuddle, and explore. He has an incredibly soft coat, with beautiful markings and amazingly bright blue eyes. He will make a great pet and/or show alter.

Floppy Kitty Timon

FloppyKitty Timon (brown collar)

Seal Bicolor

Sold to Crystal M., Eugene, OR

Timon (brown collar) is a seal bicolor. He has a large shaped body and a nice wide "V" on his forehead. He is the 2nd largest of the litter. He loves to chase toys, run, jump and climb. He will also pounce on just about anything whether it moves or not.

Floppy Kitty Mufasa

FloppyKitty Mufasa (black collar)

Blue Bicolor

Sold to Nikki F., Burlington, MA

Mufasa (black collar) is always exploring and adventurous. He was the first to open his beautiful blue eyes. Whenever you enter the room he always seems to be one of the first to come up and greet you. He loves to play but also likes his cuddle time. He is a blue bicolor and he has a very soft coat.

Floppy Kitty Macie

FloppyKitty Macie (purple collar)

Seal Bicolor

Reserved as future Floppy Kitty breeder

Macie (purple collar) is a seal bicolor. She has a wonderful, curious personality and we are excited to be adding her to our family. She is staying with us for our breeding program.

Prices for all our kittens include alteration if applicable. A $200 deposit holds your kitten. We may deliver locally and are willing to ship anywhere. They will come with a TICA registration.

We specify in our contract that our kittens and cats will be indoor only and not declawed.

Bringing your new kitten home: Your new addition will be vet checked, up-to-date on vaccinations, litter box trained, and altered for pet families. We feed Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Kitten formula (free feeding) plus Science Diet Tender Chicken Dinner kitten formula canned food once each day. You will want to keep them on the same food at least for a while after adoption and if you want to change, do so gradually to help with digestion issues. For litter we use non-clumping Tidy Cat 24/7.

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