About the Ragdoll Breed

Beautiful blue eyed ragdoll kittensThe Ragdoll breed is named for the cat's tendency to go limp in your arms, just like a child’s floppy rag doll, hence the name Floppy Kitty. They are very easily handled and petted. Ragdoll's are incredibly loving, friendly, and playful, while at times still liking to come cuddle in your lap! As you can see in their photos they also have the most strikingly beautiful blue eyes. What you can't see in the pictures is their amazing, rabbit-like fur. It is so soft they are hard to put down!

Oregon Ragdoll Kitten for saleOne of the largest of all cat breeds, the beautiful Ragdoll takes up to four years to fully mature. These gentle cats have long, substantial bodies with a sturdy structure to match. Their sweet expressions are emphasized by large eyes that are full of love and devotion. Females range between 10 and 15 pounds and mature adult males can weigh from 15 to 20 pounds. Ragdoll kittens are born solid white and develop different color patterns as they grow depending on their genetic make up (blue, seal, bicolor, mitted, colorpoint, etc.)

Pair of ragdoll kittens sleepingTheir features are composed of soft transitional curves with nothing extreme or exaggerated. These cats get along well with children and other pets and easily fit into today’s busy lifestyle. Some are even known to play fetch and many will greet visitors when they enter the home.

Despite their loving, quiet nature and very easy-going disposition, kittens and young adults can be very active and most Ragdolls are almost always ready to play. The breed is well-known for its tolerant attitude, especially with children and many Ragdolls will allow themselves to be dressed in doll clothes and carried around by youngsters with complete acceptance.